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Today Tomorrow Remarks
5m straigt reil見合せ中見合せ中
6m pipe rail 見合せ中見合せ中wide Box見合せ中見合せ中pyramid見合せ中見合せ中flat down narrow box見合せ中見合せ中7m down rail見合せ中見合せ中

In the above-mentioned schedule “Today’s sales”, there are times when it will be set aside, but we will open as soon as safety confirmation is made

Park items may be closed by the condition in the morning.We will consider it as an opportunity until the opening is confirmed, but we will open it as soon as safety can be confirmed.

Treasures to discover. And play with.

Level up on our varied installations!

It may differ from the layout at the time of shooting

Park layout

※It’s a planned layout.
※Park layout is subject to change without notice.

Notes on using park
  • Use installations that match your level.
  • Please check the status of items before using, please pay attention to safety etc.
  • Runs may be suspended or closed due to circumstances such as weather and maintenance.
  • Items that are issuing closed signs during maintenance or at Paul can not be used.

*Please follow the instructions of patrol and grooming staff.
*We will provide initial care for injuries, but visitors must secure further treatment on their own.
*You may have to leave the ski area if you are a nuisance or are dangerous to other visitors. No refund will be provided.
*We will not be held responsible for accidents caused by neglect or ignorance of ski area rules and behavior regulations.