About Shirane sunlight

Nikko Shirane, the northeastern part of Katashina, is the main peak of Gunma Prefecture and sunlight volcanoes located on the border of Tochigi Prefecture. Altitude 2,578m, most high in the Kanto north, near to Zen meditation mountain, Maeshiranesan, and follow the outer rim of Shirane Komoyama, Wataru陀~Ke-chi on the inside, there are lakes of Goshikinuma. Suganuma, Marunuma, Ojirinuma is lake dammed by the eruption of this mountain. The excellent scenery, from alpine plants also abundant, has been designated as a special protection area of Nikko National Park in 1957.

Nikko Shirane climbing model course

Course Path Time
Shirane root summit round trip Summit station … rainbow flat branch … Shirane summit … rainbow flat branch … The Peak About 5 hours
Shirane root ~ Zen meditation mountain route Summit station … rainbow flat branch … Shirane summit … Zen meditation mountain … The Peak About 5.5 hours
Shirane root ~ Goshikinuma ~ Wataru陀~Ke-chi route Summit station … rainbow flat branch … Shirane summit … Goshikinuma … Wataru陀~Ke-chi … The Peak About 6.5 hours
Considerations for the sunlight Shirane climbing ※When the Shirane climbing sunlight, let’s climbing Check the opening hours of the ropeway. Please fill climbers card always. Mountain weather may change suddenly. Let’s check the weather information.
※Please reference as a standard time that does not include a break time time of the display.
※The weather of the mountain may change suddenly. Let’s check weather information.
※Please refer to the display time as a standard time not including the break time.
※We will recommend you to register in advance for hiking insurance etc. in case of distress, injury during climbing.


About climbing notification

You can enter and post the climber card at the ropeway ticket office.

It is possible to issue a climbing notification at the website “Mountain and Nature Network Compass” operated by the Japan Mountain Guide Association.
If you are a smartphone, you can take advantage of GPS functions, features such as Shimoyama notification, Shimoyama confirmation e-mail, and cooperation with Gumma prefectural police.

In addition, there is cooperation with searching special service “COCOHELI” by membership helicopter, so “COCOHELI” member has ID column for registration.
Electronic version climbing notifications reaching existing Gumma prefectural police can also be used as before. Click here for details

“Mountain and Nature Network Compass” also introduces the importance of leisure insurance and mountaineering report, so please have a look.

About Nikko Shirane

As of July 1, 2015 At the information providing page for volcano climbers announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency, Nikko Shiraneyama is “paying attention to being an active volcano” of “eruption warning level non-volatile volcano“.
Since the information page of the Japan Meteorological Agency is updated from time to time, the notation may be different, please get the latest information from the link below.

Information provision page for volcano climbers

About the night-bus climbing bus from the city center|Mt. Shirane going alpine everyday

Although it is only on the outbound route, the Mainichi newspaper traveling departs from the city center by night train bus.

Click here for details