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Access by car・train


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About 1 hour 30 minutes from Nerima Inter from Numata Inter.
About 50 minutes from Numata Inter to Marunuma Plateau.

About Nikko direction · Numata direction free shuttle service

DSC00376 Marunuma Kogen field shuttle bus stop

From Nikko facility to Yumoto Onsen bus stop before, Numata direction towards Kamada bus stop, we will operate a free shuttle as below.

For buses other than the Marunawara Kogen shuttle, please use the bus stop on the route along the national road at Marunuma Kogen entrance

Operation period

May 28, Heisei 28 – November 6, Heisei 28

Notes ※You can not get a pet ride, but you can ride a supplementary dog.
※While it is scheduled to operate in line with the operation of the ropeway during the period, there are times when it is canceled due to various circumstances.
※The ropeway regular holiday, we shut down the shuttle bus.
※Especially, you do not need to make a reservation, please use the next flight in case of full.
※Please inform the Marunuma Takahara general information in advance in case you use it for more than 10 people.

Marunuma Kogen Shuttle timetable

Download Marunuma Kogen field shuttle timetable (PDF)

Yumoto Onsen Bus stop near the bus stop

Nikko Yumoto Onsen bus stop in front of the square

Kanetsu Kotetsu near the Kamata bus stop stop location

Kanetsu Kotomi near the Kamata bus stop

Nikko · Katashina Express

The bus route connecting Kamada in Katashina village and Chuzenji Onsen in Nikko City revived for the first time in 24 years since the abolition line in 1992.
Kanetsu Transport will use a sightseeing bus type vehicle and plan to operate from May 1st to October 30th.
There are also planned items such as Oze and Nikko Trolley Plan so please see Kanetsu Traffic’s HP.


For Nikko / Katsinoshi Express from here

About the night climbing bus from the city center | Mt. Shirane going by the alpine everyday

Although it is only on the outbound route, the Mainichi newspaper traveling departs from the city center by night train bus.


About in-car stay in the park

In Marunuma Kogen, we will respond to the car nights using the parking lot as follows.
Please read and use it as much as possible.

What is in-car nights

It refers to the act of parking a car at the designated place of the parking lot managed by our company and staying in the car.
Cooking meal inside the car is possible, but you can not install items that conform to camping equipment such as chairs, tables, tents and tarpes outside the car.
When installing these, we treat it as camping regardless of whether there is an act such as cooking rice break or camping regardless of staying or day trip.

Correspondence to the middle of the car

Our paid facility users are free.
Car parking for midnight will be on the first parking slope side.
We can not act in the car other than our paid facility users.
Even if you are a paid facility user of our company, we will refuse to use it if we give damage to our facilities (including theft) or annoy to other users.

Prohibition of camping at parking lot

Camping at our parking lot is prohibited.
If you wish to act camping, please use the auto campground after regular procedure at Chalet Marunuma.

Traffic stops during heavy rain such as typhoons

National Highway No. 120 in front of the Marunuma Takahara will be closed when the amount of continuous rainfall reaches 120 mm at the observation site.
For details,please check here
The trend of the observation area isplease check here