BBQ House









Grown up Children
1,980yen 1,580yen(with popcorn for children)
The set includes Joshu wheat pig, beef, shrimp, Frankfurt, Katashina plateau colorful vegetables, baked buckwheat, disposable chopsticks, paper plates · Contact hand wiping, charcoal-ignition materials, oil, seasoning · BBQ sauce, etc.


Internet reservation reception

Because there is only barbecue stove, and I am allowed to operate in reservations first.
Because there are times when that is not available in the reception desk, please reservation If you have decided in advance for your use date and time from the above representative telephone.
※In the case of the day accepted without reservation, you will be charged for your time about 20 minutes to prepare.

Reservation by phone



Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your reservation at your convenience.
We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% on the day before the amount you booked and 100% on the day.

Other Terms
of Use
※barbecue house, bring food and drink to the barbecue area should withhold.
※barbecue house, barbecue area is non smoking, we hope in designated smoking areas.
※Please pay attention to the handling of fire.
※The food contains fresh food. Please enjoy and properly heated.
※ingredients by the convenience of the purchase, etc., you might want to change.
※in barbecue house does not allow pets admission.