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Tree adventure playing safely in high places

Jungle gym than safe , exciting than athletic tree adventure !

Create a scaffolding on the nature of the tree , and then capture with a safety harness elements such as the installed rope and suspension bridge so as to connect the wood and wood . Finish course , the ” FUN course” having a zip line elements and compelling 70m of 13 set in the height above the ground 8m at most , seven elements of a height of 2 ~ 6 m at 50m zip line 2 courses of ” KIDS course ” to be .

Course Name Overview Remarks
KIDS course the height of the 2~6m 7 one of the elements and the 50m zip line of For Beginners
FUN course the height of the 3~8m 13 single element and 70m zip line of For intermediate level

Simultaneous utilization capacity:50 people


grown up Children
Trial ticket 2,500yen 1,500yen
On congestion)Upgrade to 1 day ticket +1,000yen +1,000yen
Remarks ※Trial ticket is ” KIDS · FUN 1 lap each course . ※Customers using for the first time will be informed from the KIDS course. ※We will inform you of customers who made Internet reservations with priority. ※Depending on the congestion situation it is possible to upgrade to one day ticket with plus 1,000 yen locally. ※A 1-day ticket is available within business hours, but when you get crowded you should use it in order. ※Depending on the congestion situation, it is not possible to upgrade to one day ticket. ※Depending on the congestion situation there is a case to cancel the reception.

Internet reservation reception

We will guide you without having to wait as much as possible for customers who have made a reservation, but please make your reception 30 minutes before the start time.
Please note that the reservation will be accepted at 16:00 the day before the deadline.
Customers using this facility for the first time, please make a reservation from the KIDS course.
The reservation will be a trial ticket, but depending on the congestion situation you can upgrade to one day ticket with plus 1,000 yen locally.

You need to sign a consent form when you use it, but if you bring it in beforehand, you can do the reception on that day smoothly.

Download consent form

  1. sandalsClothing there is a hindrance to wear a harness such as skirts and dresses , sandals , you are not available to wear footwear with a fear of falling into the activities, such as high heels . In addition , the characteristics of the activity , or rubbing clothes , please put in advance you know that there is a case to be or dirt .
  2. Scarf , coat , such as ornaments ( what are likely to come off , such as a necklace , bracelet , earrings ) should be removed in advance .
  3. Keeping mobile phones, wallets and watches inside pockets may cause them to fall, break, or lose them. Be sure to empty things in your pocket. For safety management, we can not shoot with camera / cell phone brought during our activities. In addition, we can not assume the responsibility for lost damage during activity.
  4. Please follow the instructions of your staff at the course. We are not responsible for obstacles such as injuries and losses when we do not obey instructions. We may suspend the use of that person if the staff judge it as dangerous, such as when you can not observe instructions and precautions of staff.
  5. As for the instruments to be installed at the time of challenge, as stated by the staff in charge, do not touch or remove participants by themselves unless instructed by the staff in charge. In addition, if you intentionally hurt or damage damaged equipment / instruments, if you lose, etc., we will charge you actual expenses.
  6. Operation may be “suspended” or “canceled” due to weather and other reasons. please note that.
Notes at the time of challenge
  1. Please be sure to follow the instructions of staff .
  2. As long as there is no indication of the staff in the cable , please do not touch the absolute .
  3. Please call your staff with a loud voice in the case of emergency .
  4. Please wait staff is calm until the arrival on the spot .

About use

In order to enjoy “TAM” safely, thank you for your understanding and understanding about the following, please use.

Those who can use it

①Weight is 30 kg or more and 119 kg or less,
Height / KIDS course 100cm or more , is available if FUN course 120cm or more .
age / For participants under the age of 18 the consent of such person of adult parents and discount rates , it must be accompanied for the use of pre-school children .
②Harness correctly (in the fit state ) who can be attached
③If there is no anxiety on the body and health
If you have been drinking , you are pregnant , people with heart disease , those of poor physical condition , will not be available if you are other health anxiety .
④Under the direction and guidance of the staff , who can take the appropriate action and operation
If you can not follow the instructions and guidance of the staff , those who can not be carried out on your own behavior and appropriate action necessary to ensure the safety might be to refuse to participate .
In addition , we may not be asked to use for those who are likely to cause a significantly interfere with the operation of the other customers and ” TAM ” .
For example, if you do not observe the attendant instructions and precautions , if the attendant is determined to be dangerous , you may be allowed to stop the use of such a person .

⑤If you agree in advance explanation Agreement

About the consent form

If you bring in the consent form in advance and bring it, you can do the reception on that day smoothly.
We accept the reception in order after filling in the consent form, so we recommend to fill in advance.

Download consent form

About stopping

・Weather may be canceled due to reasons such as weather.
・We can not respond to the refund of “TAM” usage fee due to the suspension of operation.

About refund

・If the customer’s reason was discontinued activities after the use start , you can not refund .
・For reasons such as the weather , if you let me stop activities in the middle , it will be refunded .