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4月28日 7時現在の情報:周辺道路には積雪もなく凍結箇所も見受けられませんでしたが、時間帯や日照の関係で部分的に凍結する場合も考えられます。ノーマルタイヤの車両はチェーンなどの滑り止めを携行し、運転には十分ご注意ください。

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Snow 140cm

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T: 0.7 ℃ H: 32.9 %


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Reason to repeat the “Marunuma plateau”.

Marunuma master ~ Man’s ~


The morning of raining day, start from the first train waiting for the ropeway. After we got the fast track
It is, eaten a dry powder of Marunuma, slide into the park while playing on the wall on both sides.
It was prematurely terminated in six such a routine from the first train, heading from the afternoon to the workplace. Marunuma
Time tickets Plateau “to work playing efficiently” convenient ticket to such a lifestyle.

Marunuma master ~ Women’s ~


One I did not what caught snow, good finish grooming also of Marunuma plateau charm.
It is such a day, looking forward to the single-mindedly turn from ropeway summit, free-run of 4km. Late
After sugar supply in the lunch and Suites, passing a park to the last. Marunuma plateau of the restaurant,
I’m happy because the homemade sweets are substantial.

Nowadays women


“This great slippery”. The first word of the novice junior. The first opportunity is “tour bus
But because direct flights convenient, “” the other was not open “, the snow quality in the word of this junior
I noticed that the slip is change in the difference. We have rental substantial if you, now of the way back
Freshly baked Danish stick to eat on the bus is a favorite.



Since the children say “I want to snowboard”, it turned to snowboarding in the husband and wife. Yu the destination for beginners
Decision to Marunuma plateau we are dealing with new Barton “LTR”. I attended the LTR program in the family,
With her progress was a child, long ride from the summit last with everyone. After lunch, free
Play Kids Park can be a change of pace, the deals Day Family Pack also happy family.

Internet limited Day Family Pack

Day Family Pack net reservation and settlement (fee simulate also available)

Day Family Pack now supports also to net settlement. This also makes it possible reservation was often-requested rental. However, reservations of rental become up to 2 days before, please note that you will be billed is not the full amount of your reservation street If you do not see the cancellation procedure in due time at the time of the cancellation.


To use the application form to print out in advance

On the pre-application form that had you fill of bring your own, please contact the proceedings at the ski center House 2F Information.



Internet limited Day Family Pack charge

(Target: adult fee per person + elementary school fee of 1 or more people)

Family Pack Number of people Top season until 3/20 Spring season 3/21 to
Adult 1 person 5,600→4,900 5,000→4,300
Second person later 5,600→4,700 5,000→4,100
Primary school children 1 person 2,900→2,700 2,800→2,100
Second person later 2,900→2,500 2,800→1,900

※ The above rates are for meal tickets with the 1200 yen to lift 1-day ticket

Day Family Pack rental benefits Rates

  Adult Primary school children
 Snowboard or ski set 4,000→3,000 3,000→2,500
Wear top and bottom set 3,000→2,300 1,500→800

※ target is also only to your family requires a combination of more than one person one adult + elementary school at a minimum.
※ Not available in combination with non-family members.
※ There is no application form to the local.

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