Snow Park | 丸沼高原


4月28日 7時現在の情報:周辺道路には積雪もなく凍結箇所も見受けられませんでしたが、時間帯や日照の関係で部分的に凍結する場合も考えられます。ノーマルタイヤの車両はチェーンなどの滑り止めを携行し、運転には十分ご注意ください。

Today OPEN

Snow 140cm

19:07 現在


T: 0.9 ℃ H: 31.6 %


T: 3.8 ℃ H: 54.5 %


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Snow Park

Snow Park Blog

Park Status

Today Tomorrow Remarks
wide box Ⅰ
backside side hip
down Rail
5m pillarⅠ
8m jump
5m jump
7m pipe Rail
front side hip

A treasure trove of colorful items

Skill up !! in a wide variety of items

State of the last year of the Snow Park

Park Layout

※ under construction…

Notes of Park use

  • Please use the items that were on their own level.
  • Check the status of the items before you use, please be careful, such as in safety.
  • According to circumstances, such as weather and maintenance might be a postponed or canceled sales.
  • Items that are out of the closed sign at the development in and Paul can not be available.

* Patrol, please planing according to the instructions of the Digger staff.
* Initial response is done of the injury, but then should be done at your own risk.
* To other customers, if you make a nuisance and risky behavior you may be asked to exit. Absolutely do not respond to the refund of the case.
* Accidents caused by neglect, disregard of the rules of conduct in this announcement and the ski slopes, we can not assume the responsibility.