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4月28日 7時現在の情報:周辺道路には積雪もなく凍結箇所も見受けられませんでしたが、時間帯や日照の関係で部分的に凍結する場合も考えられます。ノーマルタイヤの車両はチェーンなどの滑り止めを携行し、運転には十分ご注意ください。

Today OPEN

Snow 140cm

19:09 現在


T: 0.9 ℃ H: 35.7 %


T: 3.8 ℃ H: 56.0 %


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Course Guide



kusatsu02Longest runway distance 4,000m
Summit of superb view and a long ride can be a variety of courses to attract you.


DSC_9278Best compacted snow burn
Carving feels good! Welcome attentive course of development is.



Paradise of terrain play
Natural terrain to come to slip any number of times each week. Definitely be fun to slip to double!




Best of snow
Summit of superb view and a long ride can be a variety of courses to attract you.




Quality of Cobb slope
Non-compacted snow Silver course of a full-length 755M
Long Cobb slope is usually the maximum slope angle 32 °
Raining day is powder

Piste map


※ setting of course rank (degree of difficulty) are approximate.

For safety

Skiing, snowboarding is a sport to enjoy in nature.
In the ski resort strives to eliminate the accident, but please glide with the responsibility on their own.
Careful behavior of your own is important.

For safe gliding

  1. Out too much speed leads to an accident. Terrain, weather, snow conditions, skills and physical condition, congestion, etc.
  2. Please control the speed according to the situation.
  3. In order to protect the natural landscape, it does not set around the mat in the trees.
  4. Do not approach the snow vehicle.
  5. Guardian-discount rate should be aware that in the independent action of the child.
  6. The event of an accident, you may be asked to reveal the identity of the parties.

Behavior rules of the slopes

  1. Let’s check the binding-flow stopped before gliding.
  2. Sit in the middle of the course is dangerous. Please stop absolutely.
  3. During planing is paying attention to the neighborhood, let’s prevent a collision accident.
  4. Let’s slide in mind, such as the signs, bulletin-public address.
  5. When you stop in the middle slide of course let’s move to the end of the course.
  6. Suberidashi, cross of course, is at the merging point let’s note to the person who comes slipped from the top of the course.
  7. Front of the rider is the priority. Takes a sufficient interval, let’s note in front of the rider when the overtake.

※ patrol, please planing according to the instructions of the Digger staff.
※ make the initial response of the injury, but then should be done at your own risk.
※ to other customers, if you make a nuisance and risky behavior you may be asked to exit. Absolutely do not respond to the refund of the case.
※ accidents caused by neglect, disregard of the rules of conduct in this announcement and the ski slopes, we can not assume the responsibility.
※ general skiing, use of tools other than snowboarding is prohibited. Orange as an exception, in the Red course will not allow the runway such as Snowscoot, but the limited time that the slopes has become possible over the entire surface planing, ride possible lift has let me only the first lift.

The use of unmanned aircraft (drone radio-controlled machines, etc.)

In Marunuma plateau, since there is a possibility that the harm to other customers and facilities, and prohibit the use and penetration of unmanned aircraft in the hall (drone radio-controlled machine, or the like).
As an exception, Marunuma plateau staff and media, in the case of rescue, such as Marunuma plateau is deemed necessary might to allow flight.