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4月23日 7時現在の情報:周辺道路には積雪もなく凍結箇所も見受けられませんでしたが、時間帯や日照の関係で部分的に凍結する場合も考えられます。ノーマルタイヤの車両はチェーンなどの滑り止めを携行し、運転には十分ご注意ください。

Today OPEN

Snow 160cm

02:51 現在


T: -2.9 ℃ H: 3.6 %


T: -2.3 ℃ H: 93.0 %

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This time, but you will many of the inquiry whether or not okay in the normal tire for the road conditions, because the situation is different by day and time the customer to pass, your phone and, even if I received contact us by e-mail, etc., I can not thank the “okay” Toshimashite co. In advance, please understand.

Access map



December 25 KimuTadashi road from noon to enter the winter closure period. Please note that if you are your coming from the sunlight direction.
If you are you are using a map application and navigation function of some smart phone or tablet, there is a case to the guidance from the case a lot sunlight towards the winter road closure information is not reflected.

Here if you had been guided to any chance Tadashi Kimu road entrance

About the Center House before the central parking lot

● from December 12 until March 21, Saturday and Sunday holiday, year-end and New Year holidays will be paid.
□ normal car 500 yen micro more than 1000 yen
● Doors open: Saturday and Sunday holiday, year-end and New Year holidays 5:00 weekdays 7:00
● closure: full-time 17:30
※ When parking closed center House can not nighttime available
※ If you arrive at night, please use the toilet of early arrival area utilization can be or the first parking lot
※ center parking lot other than the parking is free all day


Jomokogen shuttle parking reservation shuttle bus

Arrival and departure time and stop

● Jomokogen Station are: 9:25
● Kanetsu traffic like Kamata bus stop before departure: 10:15 to 10:25
● shuttle parking are: 10:20 to 10:30
● nikkō shiranesan ropeway: 10:35 to 10:45

● nikkō shiranesan ropeway are: 16:00

Time required

● one way about 1 hour and 30 minutes about
※ vary depending on road conditions.

Flights from booking method Jomokogen Please use the deals JR day plan of the tie-up travel company

Flights from Jomokogen Station, by the following travel company like the shuttle bus and bullet train and lift tickets has become a set of “JR Day Plan” Please use.
In addition, you can not use the shuttle bus only. Please note.

JTB Gaia Lek like: 03-5950-0303
● acceptance period: up to 3 business days prior to your date of use
● Hours: Weekdays 10:00 to 19:00 until (Saturday and Sunday holiday until 18:00)
● holiday: 12 / 30-1 / 3


Customers are available Kamata bus stop shuttle parking and Marunuma plateau directly managed accommodation (chalet Marunuma-Shirane Zhuang) will be accepted by the General Information

Marunuma plateau General Information: 0278-58-2211
● accepts up to three days before you use Date
● Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 until

Please inform me of the following items from the above telephone number within the accepted time.
● available Date
● reservation’s name
● Mobile phone number
● Number of guests
● available stop
Because of the reservation confirmation, there is a case where I am allowed to contact from the driver to the number of the mobile phone you provided the day before or on the day.
Please let us know as soon as possible if it is any chance cancel.


※ shuttle bus is a complete reservation system
※ shuttle parking is parking number, etc., may use restrictions
Shuttle so parking will be residential areas ※, noise, etc., so as not to nearby residents and trouble Please note.

About Vehicle Night hall

And we will respond as follows for Vehicle nights using the Parking is Marunuma plateau.
Top of you read, we ask that you please use.
In addition, camp activities in hall will be performed as prohibited.

And Vehicle Night

Park your car in a parking lot the specified location of the Company’s management to, refers to the act of accommodation in the car.
Cooking meals in the car, but can not the installation of those equivalent to camping equipment, such as chairs and tables, tents and tarp to the outside of the vehicle.
If you are installing these treats as camp act, regardless of the presence or absence and the lodging, day of action, such as rice meal break.

Corresponding to the car nakadomari

Our toll facility users is free.
Car nakadomari parking will be the first parking piste side.
We pay Vehicle nights act other than the facility users can not.
Or damage to our equipment (including theft) Even our toll facility users, it refuses to use If you have made a nuisance to other users.

Road information in Gunma Prefecture

Live in Gunma Prefecture main road camera

Gunma prefecture main road snow and road conditions