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3月30日 7時現在の情報:周辺道路には積雪はありませんが、部分的に凍結している場合がございます。ノーマルタイヤの車両はチェーンなどの滑り止めを携行し、運転には十分ご注意ください。

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For reception of courier

Receipt of courier services

For courier

It is a ski snowboard courier limited Kuronekoyamato like.
Please check the site of Kuroneko Yamato For more information about the courier.
※ (you can not receive your luggage principle, payment on delivery) thank you in advance payment if you wish to send to Marunuma Plateau
※ thank you cash on delivery if you wish to send from Marunuma Plateau

Schedule of shipping

There is only one flight per day pickup and delivery to Marunuma plateau for remote locations.
Please send it to arrive the day before your date of use.
Also, please note that if you send to use the next destination will also be collection the next day of the reception.
If it is used for example) 12/2, please send it to arrive to Marunuma Plateau to 12/1.

For entry of address, etc. and slip

● In the case of accommodation, (address, phone number is the same), please to the destination accommodation
Address: Yubinbango378-0414 Gunma Prefecture Tone-gun Katashina village Higashiogawa 4658-58
Tel: 0278-58-2211
Chalet Marunuma: Athena case of chalet accommodation Marunuma
Shirane Zhuang: Athena case of Shirane Zhuang accommodation
● (address, phone number is the same) should be addressed to the Center House in the case of day
Marunuma Plateau Center House: Athena case of day
● Please fill in the information of your own be sure to shippers column


Please fill in the available date always in the remarks column.
You can take your luggage it will be four days at most, should be shipping in a planned manner.